Initial Rights after Arrest

If you are ever arrested, it is important that you know the steps that you should take to protect your legal rights, as a Union County criminal attorney can explain.

During the moments after your arrest and leading up to your initial appearance in court, you may not have continued access to a phone. Your family may be searching for you and may attempt to contact a lawyer on your behalf.


If you are ever arrested, you may go from the police station to the county jail. Next, you will likely be taken to court for your first appearance. Some people may be placed in a temporary booking facility, depending on the location where they were arrested. Different routines may occur over the weekend or at night.

Contact with an Attorney

Once you or your family retain a Union County criminal attorney, he or she will take steps to locate you and have a confidential meeting with you. He or she will learn how long you will be expected to be at the particular facility, whether you can receive visits from family and whether you can be bailed out.

Illegal Arrests

Before you are arrested, police must have probable cause to make the arrest, meaning that the arresting officer has a reasonable belief that you committed a crime. If police did not have probable cause to make the arrest, you may be entitled to be released. Additionally, any evidence obtained from the illegal arrest cannot usually be used against you.

Legal Assistance

For further information on this topic, contact a Union County criminal attorney from the Khan Law Offices.

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