Child Exchanges

Clients sometimes ask our Monroe NC divorce attorney about using children to report on the other party after a divorce. The following guidelines will help parents in keeping their child out of the middle of adult matters.

Guidelines for Parental Exchanges

  • No keeping tabs on the other parent – The child should not be placed in the middle of the divorce as they already feel torn between both parents. They want to do everything possible to please both without rejecting either one. If the parents treat each other respectfully, this will be easier to achieve.
  • Handling distraught children after a contact – The child might struggle with emotional issues due to the end of the marriage. The parents should be able to resolve this in a way that benefits everyone involved, especially the child.
  • Agreeing on discipline so that the burden does not fall on one parent.
  • Honoring basic kindness and concern – Both parties should be considerate to each other despite their differences.
  • Focusing on the child’s best interests – The parents should do everything they can to keep visitation normal for the sake of the child. His or her future mental health is likely at stake. The child should be able to count on the unconditional love of both parents.
  • Exemplifying common courtesy regarding times – Parents should work together regarding pick-up and drop-off locations for children. In some cases, they might need to meet at a grocery store or a coffee shop to help make the exchange a bit easier. For example, if they meet at a supermarket, a younger child can transition from one to the other more smoothly. Parents might decide to let the child choose a treat during this time.

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