Getting a Divorce in North Carolina with a Family Law Attorney Charlotte NC Residents Trust

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From a legal standpoint, getting a divorce is generally quite simple. Because of this, many people think they can forego hiring an attorney to assist them. However, unless you and your former spouse agree on everything, legal counsel will be helpful. Children, money, and other property are all issues that can complicate an otherwise straightforward divorce. At The Khan Law Offices, our attorneys in Monroe NC have decades of experience representing clients in contentious divorce cases.

There are two types of divorce in North Carolina, but only one of them is regularly used.

  • Absolute divorce: proving that you have been separated for more than one year. You may start preparing for finalization of the divorce prior to the passing of one year. For example, you may file a complaint for spousal support, child custody or property division so that, upon the expiration of one year, everything is in order for the final divorce to take effect.
  • Divorce by incurable insanity: a very uncommon form of divorce that is rarely used for obvious reasons.

Our offices also pursue claims of divorce from bed and board, which is another uncommon case. It is not as much a divorce as it is a manner of effectuating involuntary separation. One spouse who has suffered specific injury by the other spouse may force the offending spouse to leave the home. This type of divorce is fault-based; qualifying offensive conduct may include drug use, domestic violence or adultery.

If you have been served with a divorce complaint, it is imperative to act quickly. You only have 30 days to file a response, and it is advisable to contact a Monroe NC attorney as soon as possible. He or she will advise you on all of your obligations, and the necessary paperwork and financial disclosures you will need to file.

Divorce Mediation

We all know that divorces have the potential to be very ugly and contentious. In many cases, discussing your case with an impartial mediator who can facilitate between you and your spouse can be incredibly helpful.

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Your attorneys in Monroe NC at The Khan Law Offices can assist with taking your case to mediation and, hopefully, an amicable separation agreement. Call our office today to discuss the best plan for your divorce case at 704-282-2155.

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