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Adoption can be one of the most fulfilling things that you ever do. There are several avenues to adopting a child in North Carolina, and an experienced Charlotte divorce attorney at The Khan Law Offices can help guide you through the process. We have been practicing family law for more than a decade, and are well versed in our state’s adoption laws. Whether you want to adopt your stepchild or grandchild, adopt a child from a foreign country, or are part of an LGBT family and want to have a child, we can assist you.

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The state recognizes that children are precious and takes great lengths to ensure that all adopted children find a healthy and stable family. Our divorce lawyers in Charlotte NC can make sure that you meet all of the qualifications.

Independent Adoption

The process of independent adoption involves a birth parent or parents who have arranged the adoption with another individual or couple and consent to give up their parental rights.

An adoption agency does not necessarily need to be involved in this process. In an independent adoption, the parties usually retain a private attorney to assist with the process. It is wise to consult with a Charlotte divorce attorney at The Khan Law Offices because adoption laws are very complex, and are applied very strictly to protect the child’s interests.
It is important to understand that, at certain stages of the process, the birth parents may revoke their consent to the adoption. Within some limits, this is true even if the child has already been placed with the adoptive family. We can help you avoid any pitfalls related to such a scenario.

Another major factor to consider is that adoption can be quite expensive. We offer affordable legal fees, but you should expect some additional expenses:

  • Costs associated with caring for the birth mother, such as hospital expenses and prenatal care, counseling fees, and travel.
  • Other legal fees, such as court costs and fees for the home study or Pre-Placement Assessment.

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There are many adoption agencies in North Carolina that facilitate the adoption process and can guide you. Regardless of your intended method of adoption, you should speak with a Charlotte divorce attorney at The Khan Law Offices who has specific experience guiding adoptive parents through the process. Call us for an adoption consultation today, 704-282-2155!

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