Coping with Divorce

Divorce Attorneys in Union County on Coping with a Divorce

There are important legal and financial issues that clearly need to be addressed as the process of the dissolution of a marriage unfolds, but there are also considerations of the tremendous impact divorce has on one’s personal life. Experienced divorce lawyers in Union County realize that counsel in this area can be as important as in the legal arena.

Family Considerations

Family matters when times are tough but different people have different reactions to divorce. Sometimes those closest to one going through a failed marriage either blame that person or defend him or her at all costs. In reality, however, neither approach is likely the best. It is important to remain close with family but realize they are experiencing loss as well and may not be acting rationally. The needs of the children and those of the divorcing spouse must come first.

Spousal Considerations

One of the most difficult issues for many is dealing with the soon-to-be ex-spouse. Without question there will be a flood of emotions and very likely anger, hurt and resentment, and it becomes easy to allow dealings to become acrimonious. That is a mistake. Maintaining a cordial relationship with the parent of your child is essential in minimizing the impact of a divorce on that child. Shared parenting is a lifelong commitment.

Financial Considerations

Few can make the transition from one household to two seamlessly. Money will likely be tight for some time, and it is important to forgo frivolous spending, focus on what is important and prioritize. A good general rule for those with limited resources is to spend to protect people first, assets next and credit standing last.

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