Potential Sentencing Factors

A Union County criminal attorney may discuss the following topics with his or her clients who are facing sentencing.

Location of Incarceration

This factor in sentencing will have direct and indirect consequences to the defendant. Jails and prisons vary widely in terms of the programs they offer and the risk of being incarcerated in one of them. Defendants will want to have lower security levels because discipline is less severe, they have fewer restrictions and fellow inmates tend to be less dangerous. The pre-sentencing report often helps determine the ultimate location of incarceration. The judge may also recommend a particular location for incarceration.

Legal Documents

Some institutions do not allow inmates to bring legal papers or books with them directly from the courthouse. Defendants should discuss this issue with their Union County criminal attorney to determine how they will have contact with their legal advisor. Visitors It can be difficult to arrange for an inmate to have visitors. Additionally, it often takes a substantial amount of time to make these arrangements. Spouses and immediate family members may have greater rights than other individuals.


Some inmates are allowed to self-report to a facility by providing for his or her own travel. This ability helps future inmates avoid being transferred to and from multiple jails and prisons. A criminal defense lawyer may request that the defendant be able to self-report if he or she was released on bail during the proceedings. In exchange, the government saves the cost of having to transport another inmate.

Legal Assistance

If you would like more information on other factors to consider at sentencing, contact a Union County criminal attorney from Khan Law Offices.

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