Letters of Support

A Monroe NC Criminal Attorney Discusses the Value of Letters of Support

When the time comes for sentencing, a judge in a criminal trial has much to consider. Of course, the nature of the offense and any previous convictions are paramount, but the heartfelt letters that friends, co-workers and family may provide can have a positive impact on the judge’s ultimate decision.

Acknowledgement of the Conviction

To be clear, when it comes to sentencing, the judge is no longer interested in hearing any excuses about the defendant’s behavior or expressions of doubt regarding guilt; that matter is closed. What will get the judge’s attention, however, is an honest letter acknowledging the conviction with a reason why, despite that, the defendant deserves some consideration.

Provide the Letters before the Sentencing Date

The most effective strategy is to have all the individuals who can assist write their letters well ahead of the day the sentence will be entered. The defendant’s attorney can deliver them to the judge so that the judge can spend some time and read them at his or her convenience. Once sentencing day arrives, it will be difficult, if not impossible, to change the judge’s mind.

Contact a Criminal Attorney in Monroe NC for Legal Advice

Letting the judge know that the defendant has a support system can be a critical factor. Asking for mercy in an appropriate and proper manner may result in a show of mercy. For any criminal law concerns, call the Khan Law Offices, a Monroe NC criminal attorney group, at 704-774-6426.

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