Anger and Divorce

divorce_300x200When a couple divorces, one party probably initiated the divorce while the other might want to save the marriage. The second person could be angry and dealing with grief as they try to process their emotions. One difficult part of this process is that unchecked emotions can hinder a person’s ability to effectively work on a divorce settlement. Our family lawyer in Monroe NC can offer suggestions on how to navigate the stages of grief as you go through a divorce.

Walking Through the Stages of Grief

In order to work through the divorce process, the couple should be at the same stage in their grief. However, this is rarely the case, especially initially. For example, the woman might be angry and want revenge on her spouse who might also be frustrated himself but hiding behind jokes. If the couple can be honest with each other, they may be able to come to terms more easily and negotiate the divorce. Our family attorney in Monroe NC counsels clients on effective ways to work through these challenging situations.

Handling Anger During a Divorce

Anger is often a default emotion that people revert to when they don’t know how to respond to a situation. Instead of admitting hurt, fear, sadness or other negative emotions, they lash out at others. They might become defensive as the uncertainty of the future feels threatening and overwhelming. However, when both parties are angry, the divorce process takes longer to resolve. Our family lawyer in Monroe NC recommends addressing anger in order to facilitate the divorce process.

One way to handle anger is to not engage the other party and instead let the anger die. Responding in anger will only fuel the fire but responding calmly, while admittedly difficult, should help diffuse the situation. Even so, acknowledging the other person’s anger validates their emotions and can also serve to calm them down.

If you are in the middle of a contentious divorce, call our family lawyer in Monroe NC. She can provide advice on how to handle delicate situations as you work to resolve your differences. You can reach the Khan Law Offices at 704-774-6426.

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