Stages of Grief in a Divorce

While going through a divorce is of course much different than experiencing the loss of a spouse, psychologists have found that the grieving process is similar. A Monroe NC divorce lawyer may discuss the potential feelings that you experience during this time in your life.

Stages of Grief

A family lawyer in Monroe NC can explain that there are five stages to grief. The first stage is shock as a person is in immediate disbelief that there is an impending end to their marriage contract. Similarly, the second stage of grief is denial as the person grapples with the possibility of this occurring.

The next stage is anger. During this stage, a person may be unreasonable and influenced by rage.

The next stage is bargaining. This is when spouses may promise to change so that the divorce does not occur.

Finally, as the person comes to grips with the idea, he or she may experience depression. During the depressed period, spouses may stop fighting and just give the other spouse whatever he or she is asking for in the divorce.

Going through the Grief Process

The grief process is different for everyone. Some people may skip stages or be delayed at one particular stage, such as anger or depression. Additionally, people may move back and forth between the stages. For example, a father may have moved through all of the stages of grief and finally reached the point of acceptance. However, he may slip back into the anger stage when he learns that his wife is reneging on a joint custody agreement and now only wants him to have every other weekend visits with his children.

Legal Assistance

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