Review Credit Records

A Monroe NC divorce attorney can explain that although credit card records are often expensive, they are often worth the time and expense of perusing through them. This is because a careful analysis of credit card records can reveal important information that can assist your case. Look for the following information in the credit card records that you have access to in order to reveal infidelity, wasteful spending and deceptive practices regarding your divorce.

Location of Services

Look through your credit card records to determine the location where charges were made. This may include unscrupulous locations, such as gentlemen’s clubs, massage parlors and escort services or websites. Look through this information with a detailed analysis because the business service may not be listed exactly as the name of the business.


Even innocuous charges can help highlight gambling charges, infidelity, wasteful spending or illegal behavior. Look for charges that are made on a routine basis, such as every week or every other Wednesday. Also, look for multiple charges that are made on the same day. The merchant’s location can be revealing. For example, if there is a hotel charge near in time and location to a restaurant charge, this may be evidence of an affair. Similarly, charges for airfare to a particular city and a rental city may be evidence of an attempt to hide assets or another family. A Monroe NC divorce lawyer can help analyze credit card records and help determine if these records reveal areas that require further inquiry.

Legal Assistance

If you would like more information on the information that you can glean from credit card records, contact a Monroe NC divorce attorney. A family law attorney from Khan Law Offices may be able to help go through credit card records to uncover behaviors that may be relevant to your divorce or family law case.

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