Mediation Process

At some point during your divorce, a family lawyer in Monroe NC may recommend mediation in your case. There are several benefits to this approach. Mediation can help reduce the cost and time of divorce by getting the parties to agree on at least some major issues in the case.

Devising a Strategy

Prior to the mediation session, a family lawyer in Monroe NC and his or her client might discuss ways to handle the mediator’s overtures regarding non-negotiable issues. For example, they may decide that they will deflect these issues and move the conversation to issues that they are willing to have some flexibility on.

It is important that parties have some level of flexibility when approaching mediation. Having a hard-line approach can send negative signals to the mediator and the other party. Such inflexibility can cause a mediation session to ultimately fail. Even if all of the issues are not ultimately resolved, a successful session can result in resolution on certain topics while other issues remain non-negotiable.

Benefits of Mediation

Even though some issues may not be resolved, mediation can still lead to helpful agreements. These can ultimately be stipulations that are included in the ultimate divorce decree. This method can lead to resolving certain issues without expensive and time-consuming litigation so that the attorney can focus on those issues that really matter.

Legal Assistance

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