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Our Attorneys in Monroe NC Discuss Basic Family Documents: The Power of Attorney and Living Wills

In family law, there are many different documents that can be used to protect yourself, your property, and your wishes in the event of sickness or death. Every case is different, and your Monroe NC family lawyer at The Khan Law Offices can explain what types of documents you need to carry out your long-term goals.

Senior Couple Calculating BudgetLife is unpredictable, and it is in your best interest to contemplate how your affairs will be handled should you become unable to direct them on your own. Many factors can affect your ability to manage your life, property or medical care, such as:

  • Advanced age and/or dementia
  • Serious illness
  • Death

Without a plan in place to govern how life care decisions will be made, you risk having critical decisions about your best interest made by people who don’t know you. The decisions of doctors, administrators, or estranged family members may be in stark contrast to your actual wishes. Let the attorneys in Monroe NC at The Khan Law Offices create a comprehensive legal plan for your life.

Types of Documents

The following are some common documents that can ensure your needs and wishes will be followed.

  • Power of Attorney: a document that allows a person the legal authority to act on behalf of another in specified legal, financial or medical decision-making.
  • Living Will: while not technically a will, this document allows the designee to sign a document directing how his or her medical care should be handled if he or she is terminally ill or in a coma. A living will may also be referred to as an Advance Directive.
  • Medical Power of Attorney: a more specific form of power of attorney that allows a specific designated person to make healthcare and end-of-life decisions on your behalf.
  • Declaration of Desire to Die a Natural Death: this type of declaration has the same function as a living will. It outlines medical care that you would like in the event of unforeseen circumstances.
  • Motor Vehicle Power of Attorney: this document allows someone else to sell, transfer, or register a vehicle on your behalf. It may apply in a case wherein the designating party is unable to drive, medically incapacitated, or living outside of North Carolina.

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All of these documents must meet certain legal formalities. If you need any legal documents drafted or reviewed, the attorneys in Monroe NC at The Khan Law Offices are available for consultations. Call today at 704-282-2155.

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