Mediation Process

At some point during your divorce, a family lawyer in Monroe NC may recommend mediation in your case. There are several benefits to this approach. Mediation can help reduce the cost and time of divorce by getting the parties to agree on at least some major issues in the case.

Devising a Strategy

Prior to the mediation session, a family lawyer in Monroe NC and his or her client might discuss ways to handle the mediator’s overtures regarding non-negotiable issues. For example, they may decide that they will deflect these issues and move the conversation to issues that they are willing to have some flexibility on.

It is important that parties have some level of flexibility when approaching mediation. Having a hard-line approach can send negative signals to the mediator and the other party. Such inflexibility can cause a mediation session to ultimately fail. Even if all of the issues are not ultimately resolved, a successful session can result in resolution on certain topics while other issues remain non-negotiable.

Benefits of Mediation

Even though some issues may not be resolved, mediation can still lead to helpful agreements. These can ultimately be stipulations that are included in the ultimate divorce decree. This method can lead to resolving certain issues without expensive and time-consuming litigation so that the attorney can focus on those issues that really matter.

Legal Assistance

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Communications with a Parole Officer

A criminal attorney in Monroe NC can explain the communications that you may have with a parole officer. In many cases, probation or parole is a condition of being released on bond or after finishing a sentence.

Fifth Amendment

Like any other criminal matter, a defendant may assert his or her Fifth Amendment right to avoid self-incrimination. The conditions of release may require truthful answers to questions that parole officers may ask. However, a criminal attorney in Monroe NC may explain that asserting this right may be raised when a truthful answer would incriminate the defendant in other criminal activity. If he or she does not assert this right, the privilege is waived.

The parole officer is not mandated to inform the parolee that he or she has the right to refuse to answer a question based on the fifth amendment. However, in some cases, refusing to answer may incriminate the defendant anyway.

Legal Assistance

If there has not yet been a probation revocation proceeding, a criminal attorney in Monroe NC may be able to negotiate an understanding with the parole officer. This may take the form of specifying the exact questions that the defendant is willing to answer and what protections he or she will receive in exchange for these answers.

False exculpatory statements will not be protected and can result in revocation of probation or parole. If the proceedings have arisen, the attorney may attempt to prevent the revocation of release. He or she may closely scrutinize the incriminating comments that the defendant made and try to minimize their effect. He or she may also argue that release should not be revoked due to the defendant’s other positive aspects of probation, such as cooperating in other ways or a history of passed drug tests.

If you would like more information on communicating with a parole officer, contact the Khan Law Offices at 704-774-6426.

Coping with Divorce

Divorce Attorneys in Union County on Coping with a Divorce

There are important legal and financial issues that clearly need to be addressed as the process of the dissolution of a marriage unfolds, but there are also considerations of the tremendous impact divorce has on one’s personal life. Experienced divorce lawyers in Union County realize that counsel in this area can be as important as in the legal arena.

Family Considerations

Family matters when times are tough but different people have different reactions to divorce. Sometimes those closest to one going through a failed marriage either blame that person or defend him or her at all costs. In reality, however, neither approach is likely the best. It is important to remain close with family but realize they are experiencing loss as well and may not be acting rationally. The needs of the children and those of the divorcing spouse must come first.

Spousal Considerations

One of the most difficult issues for many is dealing with the soon-to-be ex-spouse. Without question there will be a flood of emotions and very likely anger, hurt and resentment, and it becomes easy to allow dealings to become acrimonious. That is a mistake. Maintaining a cordial relationship with the parent of your child is essential in minimizing the impact of a divorce on that child. Shared parenting is a lifelong commitment.

Financial Considerations

Few can make the transition from one household to two seamlessly. Money will likely be tight for some time, and it is important to forgo frivolous spending, focus on what is important and prioritize. A good general rule for those with limited resources is to spend to protect people first, assets next and credit standing last.

Contact Divorce Lawyers in Union County for Legal Advice

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Things to Consider when Establishing a Parental Contact Schedule

176838214_300x291Of the many things that must be sorted out following a divorce, the schedule of contact that each parent will have with minor children is among the most important and most challenging. Divorcing spouses often base their schedules on current conditions, but it’s far better to base them on five different schedules with the understanding that a child’s age and needs will change over time.

With the assistance of a family lawyer in Monroe NC, keep the following considerations in mind as you develop a parental contact schedule:

1. Establish a Defined Schedule

Ex-spouses who are on amicable terms often think they don’t need a fixed contact schedule. Relationships have ups and downs, however, so it’s best to have a set schedule. You can ignore it and then invoke it when needed.

2. Keep Pre-Breakup Involvement and Contact in Mind

Consider how often and in what capacity each parent was involved with the child before the split. Should it stay the same? Why should it change? The answer needs to be based on the best interests of the child.

3. Child Should Generally Have Equal Involvement With Both Parents

The schedule should ensure that the child is equally involved with both parents. If one parent opposes this, they must prove why. If the child would be at risk with regular contact with one parent, considerations need to be made as to the types of limitations on contact, intervention and supervision that will be needed.

4. Both Parents Need to be Actively Involved

The schedule should give each parent equal amounts of responsible time and recreational time with the child. For instance, chores and homework should be completed in both homes. Similarly, both parents should be involved in extracurricular and school activities. The child shouldn’t only do fun things with one parent and only responsible things with the other.

A Monroe NC Criminal Attorney Can Explain Bail

lakeland-social-security-attorneyAfter a person is arrested, one of the first questions that he or she as for a Monroe NC criminal attorney is when he or she will be released from jail. An attorney can explain the basics of bail and the factors that can affect the answer to this question.

Bail Overview

Your Monroe NC criminal lawyer can explain that bail is a release on conditions. Some individuals may be allowed to post bail immediately after their arrest while others may be able to do so after their initial appearance in court. Individuals who post bail immediately after being arrested are often charged with a minor offense. However, it is more common for a person to post bail at court. The conditions of bail may include having to post certain collateral and promising to obey the restrictions that the court set on an individual’s freedom.

Bail Bond Agencies

In some circumstances, an attorney may assist is or her client in finding a licensed bonding company that is willing to post a cash bail for the client for a set fee. This company then becomes the suretor of the bond. However, your attorney may point out inherent risks with using such a company. For example, when an individual posts bail, that money is usually returned to him or her when the case is concluded. However, the bonding agency typically posts its own funds after collecting a significant fee from the client and this fee is not refundable.

Legal Assistance

If you have more questions about bail that you would like to pose to a Monroe NC criminal attorney, contact The Khan Law Offices by calling 704-774-6426.

Union County Criminal Attorney Discusses Different Types of Bail

bail_300x200-1After a person has been arrested and charged with a crime, the court sets bail to ensure the person will appear in court at a later date. The type of bail that is applicable in each case depends on the severity of the crime, the location of the arrest, the existence of a prior criminal record, employment, living situation, and other factors. It’s beneficial to have an experienced Union County criminal attorney representing your interests when the court is making a decision about bail conditions.

Bail Bonds

In many cases a person is released from jail on their own recognizance or with an unsecured bond. The person isn’t required to give money or collateral, but he must agree to appear in court at the designated time.

If a person is charged with committing a violent crime or is perceived as a danger to society, the court will more likely set a cash bond. The person may need to submit the entire amount of the bail. Sometimes, a deposit that is a percentage of the bail will suffice.

Violating Bail Conditions

There are serious consequences for failing to comply with bail conditions. If the defendant misses a court date, he could be held liable for payment of the full amount of the bond. The judge may also issue a more severe punishment if the defendant is found guilty of committing the crime.

Contact a Union County Criminal Lawyer

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Anger and Divorce

divorce_300x200When a couple divorces, one party probably initiated the divorce while the other might want to save the marriage. The second person could be angry and dealing with grief as they try to process their emotions. One difficult part of this process is that unchecked emotions can hinder a person’s ability to effectively work on a divorce settlement. Our family lawyer in Monroe NC can offer suggestions on how to navigate the stages of grief as you go through a divorce.

Walking Through the Stages of Grief

In order to work through the divorce process, the couple should be at the same stage in their grief. However, this is rarely the case, especially initially. For example, the woman might be angry and want revenge on her spouse who might also be frustrated himself but hiding behind jokes. If the couple can be honest with each other, they may be able to come to terms more easily and negotiate the divorce. Our family attorney in Monroe NC counsels clients on effective ways to work through these challenging situations.

Handling Anger During a Divorce

Anger is often a default emotion that people revert to when they don’t know how to respond to a situation. Instead of admitting hurt, fear, sadness or other negative emotions, they lash out at others. They might become defensive as the uncertainty of the future feels threatening and overwhelming. However, when both parties are angry, the divorce process takes longer to resolve. Our family lawyer in Monroe NC recommends addressing anger in order to facilitate the divorce process.

One way to handle anger is to not engage the other party and instead let the anger die. Responding in anger will only fuel the fire but responding calmly, while admittedly difficult, should help diffuse the situation. Even so, acknowledging the other person’s anger validates their emotions and can also serve to calm them down.

If you are in the middle of a contentious divorce, call our family lawyer in Monroe NC. She can provide advice on how to handle delicate situations as you work to resolve your differences. You can reach the Khan Law Offices at 704-774-6426.

Our First Blog Post

How exciting! Our first blog post! I have spent many years writing. I write every day. As a matter of fact, I spend a significant portion of most days … you guessed it … writing! In fact, I do all kinds of writing:

1. Professional Writing: I write and draft letters, pleadings, memoranda of law and the like for my clients, judges and other lawyers. I spend a lot of time doing this every day. In fact, writing legalese comes easier for me than most anything else.

2. Emails / Letters: I also spend a lot of time at my desk writing to and responding to emails. As a matter of fact, I have purchased a desk to stand at, rather than to sit at, to improve my activity level so that I stand more than I sit, because … I spend so much time writing and responding to emails.

3. Then there is this … our first blog post.

The blog post represents a new kind of writing for me. Our office hopes to accomplish a number of different objectives with our blog:

  1. We hope to keep clients up to date on events at our office.
  2. We intend to publish articles on exciting developments in the law across the state and / or country.
  3. Finally, we will also try to utilize the blog post to keep clients informed on upcoming closures and changes in our schedule related to inclement weather, and the like.

I really am looking forward to connecting with clients, and potential clients, using this forum. I say welcome to our new site and we hope to bring you some interesting news on the legal front soon!

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